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How I found the Jewish Messiah in Israel

by Asidon on June 1, 2017

In memory of a faithful servant of Jesus as his Jewish Messiah, here is Antony Simon’s journey from hating Jesus to loving and following him. He is now with the Lord he loved.

Do all religions lead to God? Why not?

by Asidon on May 12, 2017

Believing in miracles? Isn’t it absurd?

by Asidon on April 26, 2017

Was Jesus an anti-Semite who came up with a new religion?

20 March 2017

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Confronted with death – looking for meaning

2 March 2017

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Igal’s story: From religion mixed with crime to Yeshua

2 February 2017

I was born into a Ukrainian Jewish family but had no knowledge of God or his Son. As a family, we tried to keep all the Jewish festivals and, from my earliest years, I remember my grandmother lighting the Shabbat candles every week. In 1988, my family emigrated to Israel, where I attended school in […]

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Jews don’t believe in Jesus, right?

12 January 2017

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